May 07 2018

Why UPVC windows and doors  are preferred to wooden ones:

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UPVC is based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is one of the most versatile polymers.

The flexibility of PVC is achieved through a unique formulation to prepare a special UPVC blend for windows and doors.

U stands for UNPLASTICIZED, which is one of the most popular window framing materials in the world.

Benefits :-

1)  Low maintenance, owing to its pristine appearance which negates the need for periodical painting and the lubrication required is minimal.

2) Rigid and heat sensitive

3) Has its aesthetical value and it's weatherproof barrier is protecting you and your house from the elements of nature.

4) Just wipe down with a cloth dipped in any detergent and your Windows will be kept as new as ever.

5) Excellent insulation and tend to cost far less than wooden ones.

6) UPVC windows come with a very high quality surface finish and fit seamlessly into contemporary modern interiors as well.

7) These windows do not fade under sustained exposure to the Sun.

WOODEN WINDOWS AND DOORS require regular painting, staining, varnishing and polishing, they are generally expensive and prone to Termites and segregation from the elements.

This makes the UPVC WINDOWS AND DOORS much superior in quality to that of wooden doors and windows.....