March 01 2018

Why Choose Composite Decking?

A get together with family or friends calls for an ideal location and what better place than your very own garden? That’s all fine if you have a great space all ready and set up to entertain, but if you don’t, stress not. We have got a great project in mind that will turn your outside space into a fantastic party platform.

Well you already guessed it from the title of this article, yes we are talking composite decking, the new way to add style to your outdoor space.

Forget timber decking, this fantastic alternative provides a wide range of options and styles to design a suitable deck for your requirements. Low maintenance, slip resistance and sturdy are few words that describe our InstaDeck™ Composite Decking! Check out our top 5 reasons why our customers opt for Composite Decking for their outdoor living solution.

Why Choose Composite Decking - Five Reasons

  1. Stylish And Modern

Of course, you want great style. The material used can have either a natural wood effect or traditional deck groove with a range of colours, as you would expect from a modern modular solution there are no ugly bolts or rusty nails, just a quality finish. Traditional timber decks that are well maintained look great but the style fades and problems start without constant care, so to keep that style and add a modern twist, home owners are choosing composite decking for long lasting style.

  1. Long Lasting

With a strong and durable plastic coating and 60% timber core the materials used to manufacture our composite decking come together to form a firm base and stable deck for years to come. InstaDeck™ can withstand a good pounding from shifting tables and even the pointiest of heels.  

  1. Slip Resistant

When the kids and older folks are enjoying the deck party, the last thing you want is a slip and a bump to stop the fun. Composite decking is mould and algae resistant so unlike wet and green timber decks you won’t slip and slide even in the wet and colder months making composite decking the safe choice.

  1. Low Maintenance

Choosing composite decking avoids the constant treatment and backbreaking scrubbing that you have to do in order to keep a timber deck looking good. Low maintenance composite decking is the way to go as the occasional brush down will have your deck looking like it was installed yesturday!

  1. 25 Year Warranty

A great investment in terms of the resale value of your home, when it’s time to sell you will have a stunning feature to help get the right asking price. A massive 25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty is a fantastic reason for choosing InstaDeck™ and demonstrates confidence in quality giving you peace of mind that you beautiful deck will be an great asset to your home for many years.

Find out more about Composite Decking and start your outdoor living project today!