January 30 2018

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

There is no denying that looking out over a plush green lawn provides immense satisfaction and a tremendous sense of well-being.

But when your lawn is long and rugged, full of weeds or moss and that patch that never grows catches your eye, don’t despair.

There is a solution that continues to grow in popularity. More and more people are choosing artificial grass for their lawn area, while it's not for everybody or every home, artificial grass has become so advanced with a choice of styles that look fantastic, is specially developed for multiple purposes and virtually maintenance free. The choice of artificial grass is hard to resist for so many reasons but here are five:       

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

  1. Low Maintenance

Straight off the bat, you don’t have to mow it, that’s a given, but installing artificial grass takes away all of the heavy duty maintenance that you would have to put in, even to keep a relatively respectable lawn going there are hours of work involved. With an artificial lawn installed, the odd quick spray and sweep replaces continuous weeding, seeding, edging and of course mowing. If you have better things to do, then artificial grass is the choice for you! 

  1. A Perfect Lawn All Year Round

The season for outdoor living can be quite a long one in our region and our lawns can get a lot of use. Whether you are hosting parties and barbeques or family fun and gatherings, it’s great to have that super-smart, super-plush, perfect lawn all year round. By choosing artificial grass, your lawn won’t show any signs of wear and tear in the summer and won’t become muddy and slushy when it rains, which could also be in the summer. 

  1. Long Lasting

The continual development of modern quality artificial grass provides more than just a variety of shades, lengths and styles to choose from that best suit the location and use. The materials used and manufacturing advancements provides a quality product that is robust enough to outlast 10 Year guarantees for many projects that have been professionally designed and expertly installed. 

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Hold on, how can artificial grass be environmentally friendly? We have thought about this quite a lot at Apple, as many of our products have an element of energy efficiency we would certainly like to highlight any green credentials that artificial grass has.

We believe that there is a reduction of energy usage in as much as you are not using electricity to mow and trim and if you have a petrol mower that’s a little bit of pollution that can be cut out. If there is a reduction in the use of weed killers, pesticides and hose pipes then that all contributes towards making artificial grass a green option in more ways than one.

While artificial lawns are permeable so there is no effect on natural sustainable drainage, there is an impact on nature to some extent, so when customers choose artificial grass we encourage natural areas to be part of the overall design. This ethos is supported by our blog post -  /how-to-create-a-wildlife-friendly-garden-when-you-have-artificial-grass

  1. Increase Property Value

Having a smart, stylish and practical garden space can help the valuation of your home and by having an artificial lawn as a real feature of the property it can help to attract more offers, at the right price, either now or when it’s time to sell in the future.

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