January 11 2018

5 Reasons To Install Spray Foam roof Insulation

1 Roof Stability

The first of our 5 reasons to install spray foam roof insulation is roof stability. Older properties may show signs of disrepair to the roof from inside the loft. Closed Cell Spray Foam will protect your roof from deterioration as is bonds to the roof surface, strenthening and sealing as it is applied. Any remedial work should be done in preparation so when the foam is expertly installed it will prevent the need for major roof repairs.

2 Create a Loft Room

Change that cold, dark and cob-web ridden space into a usable room. Apart from providing an extra space that could be used as a hobby room or office the transformation will increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell should you be moving on in the future.

3 Save on Heating Bills

Without loft or roof insulation you will be loosing a lot of heat from your home making it impossible to keep rooms warm without continually having the heating on during winter months. Most houses have some form of insulation in the loft but spray foam can be much more efficient and help to reduce energy bills by retaining the heat in your home more efficiently meaning you don't need to keep you heating on for as long on cold days. 

4 Enhanced Protection

Apart from feeling the insulation benefits for many decades, professionally applied spray foam insulation, bonds and seals your roof, protecting against water ingress and roof damage that may occur from heavy weather and storms. Great protection such as this will save on potential roof repair costs in the future.

5 Improve Air Flow

Expertly installed closed cell spray foam insulation creates a more natural air flow around the whole property in contrast to traditional horizontal glass fibre roll insulation. The Insulating properties of closed cell foam helps to keep loft surface temperatures consistent, which controls potential condensation issues.


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